A Waba version of the classic Hammurabi game for PalmOS.



As of version 0.9w(b10) 2000 Nov 10:  This is an early (first) alpha release.  However, the game itself is essentially completed and playable except for the following To Dos:

  1. The game is not saved when leaving the application.  IE, if you return to Wabburami after switching to another application, a new game is started.
  2. Display of the various help texts in the options menu is rather slow due to use of an inefficient dynamically word-wrapped display routine.
  3. Selecting New from the file menu doesn't do anything.
  4. The surplus display (how many bushels will be left over after the current plans are executed) doesn't update if you edit the numbers via graffiti.  (You can click buy and then sell to buy some land and then sell it back (at the same price) to force it to update, for now.)
Other features that will likely be added:
  1. Currently the game doesn't end.  While this is normal as per older versions of Hammurabi, there are intentions to add some modified scoring features based on the David H. Ahl version (from Basic Computer Games) and an associated "best games/highscore" list.
  2. Discrepancies between different Hammurabi versions regarding the bushels eaten by rats will be used to introduce an easy vs. hard game selection (along with other tweaks for the hard version.)

As with most free software (and realistically, most software), regardless of the release status, this game is offered as-is, at your own risk, etc.  All I can say for certain is that this hasn't broken POSE or forced a reset of my Visor...yet.  (Waba apps tend to be rather safe, but as always, make sure your PalmOS device is backed up on a regular basis.)

To Download & Install:

  1. If you do not already have a WabaVM installed, download from wabasoft and install onto your PalmOS device.
  2. Download and unzip Wabburami-0.9w-b10.zip file and install both Wabburami.pdb and Wabburami.prc onto your PalmOS device.
  3. Have fun.
Source available from SourceForge at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wabburami/.

         (to rebuild requires Waba SDK, Waba Extras, and wabadma classes.)

Java KVM version of Hammurabi (most direct ancestor) available at: http://ares.martianwind.com/oblivion/java/kjava.html.

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